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repost of my idea

So this came to me last night while I was pondering this post.

What if our unnamed older man (who shall be referred to as AR for now) was a very wealthy Englishman during the time when England was really intot he colonization of India?

So he visits India and, through a misunderstanding, wins a harem in a poker game against a wealthy Indian merchant (or maybe some young royal "prince").

As you can tell, I haven't done any historical research yet, so bear with me as I get through the basics.

Anyways, he's forced to take the harem back to England with him where he attempts to pass them off as a huge brigade of maids or something. I see a fiancee in the picture, adding to the hilarity of it all.

Maybe we can actually add some substance by having him convince the girls that freedom and respect is what they deserve.

Oh and he can fall in love with one of them and be all heart broken when she leaves to go to school or something (okay i know this is totally historically inaccurate). But then she comes back! And tells him that she's in love with him too! And the harem gets back together and feeds him grapes and takes turns licking his chest and [censored].

Dreamy sigh.

Anyways, whatdya think?


'what is this nonsense?'
'you *will* let us tend to you master - even if we die trying'

(from fractalreality)

Let's make sure we throw that in there somewhere!

And I think another good thing of comedic value would be the harem constantly taking off their nice sensible "Englishwoman" clothes and putting on their gauzy harem pants and little else.... *snarf*
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