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The Alan Rickman Movie Project

or, Too Many Women With Too Much Imagination and Too Much Free Time

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Welcome to the Alan Rickman Movie Project! This is the brainchild of the twisted minds of some of the members of alanrickman, a gorgeous community for AR fans! We decided that we needed to write a script for Alan to read, as he apparently likes to help up and coming writers and directors, and of course so we could all meet him. :) Ideas are varied at the moment, but this is a place to gather together all our talents and discuss the kind of roles we'd like to see him in.

Anyone is welcome to join and discuss. This is just for fun unless we come up with a really kickass script that might actually work without him running away screaming at all the freaks plotting his future. All I ask is that you play nice. Flames and other such nonsense will be deleted without notice. If you have a problem with a decision, and it's valid, I'll look into it. Otherwise, you can direct your comments to P.O. Box 342, Amataru, Timbuktu.

The Rules:
1. Pictures must go behind an LJ-cut. See the FAQ to learn how to do this. The only exception is if you have an icon to show off. We wouldn't want to miss that, now would we! You can post up to three icons, but put the rest behind the cut if you have a whole set.
2. Off-topic posts are a NO-NO!
3. Community promotion is only allowed if it has to do with Alan Rickman.
4. Taboo topics are permitted, within reason. If you're scared by the real world, run away screaming. However, anything illegal that could get someone in trouble, like AR and an 8 year old...come on. Use some sense.

This community is founded and maintained by flooding, with the help of the lovely folks at alanrickman. The graphic at the top was made by jillybean9. The icon is crazygal's work. Go tell them how wonderful they are! Now!